Caprese Salad Recipe (with pasta)

Super easy, fresh, and delicious! A dish to make all summer long.

This Easy Italian Style Caprese Pasta Salad with Arugula is packed with delicious Italian flavors.

Simple Ingredients: Cherry tomatoes, - Arugula (or spinach) salad - Cherry tomatoes  - Fresh mozzarella balls  - Olive oil - Balsamic vinegar  - Pasta of  choice - Basil

I love to use "mezze" (half) rigatoni pasta for this recipe since it grabs onto the sauce. Pick any short pasta variety you love.

This Italian caprese salad with pasta comes together in 20 minutes. A meal the whole family loves.

While the pasta cooks- prep the salad ingredients. Do not rinse pasta. Toss in dressing, let cool, then toss with fresh ingredients.  So simple! 


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