Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

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With this recipe, leftover pork tenderloin is anything but boring!

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ciabatta bread

gouda cheese

garlic lemon aioli

olive oil

leftover pork tenderloin




Mix the garlic lemon aioli ingredients in a small bowl and season, then set aside.

Step 1

Slice the ciabatta bread, brush it with olive oil, and toast until golden brown.

Step 2

Slice and heat the leftover pork tenderloin until warmed through.

Step 3

Spread the garlic lemon aioli on each side of the sliced bread and place the pork tenderloin slices on the bottom slice of the bread.

Step 4

Layer the Gouda cheese on top of the pork and allow them to melt.

Step 5

Place the apple slices on top of the cheese.

Step 6

Layer the fresh arugula on top of the apples and top with the slice of ciabatta bread.

Step 7

Serve and cut the sandwich in half.

Step 8

Recipe Tip!

Adjust the seasoning and amount of garlic lemon aioli to achieve a well-balanced flavor.


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