Difference Between Burrata and Mozzarella

Burrata and mozzarella are two types of soft cheese made with a fresh or fresh water buffalo milk.


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The main difference between fresh mozzarella and burrata cheese is the texture. Both of these cheeses are semi-soft, white cheeses that are typically made from cow or buffalo milk.


The main difference between burrata and fresh mozzarella is the texture. Burrata is much softer than fresh mozzarella due to its production method.

Burrata vs. Mozzarella

Key Difference Between Mozzarella and Burrata:

Texture - One is soft and the other is solid

Hot dish


Hot dish

Fat Content

Hot dish

Best used when melted, as it adds a creamy and mild flavor to the dish. Some popular dishes  include pizza and  lasagna.

Using mozzarella

Best used in dishes where its delicate flavor and texture can shine through. One popular way to use burrata is in salads

Using Curly Parsley 

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