Difference Between Parsley and Italian Parsley

Parsley vs. Italian Parsley. The difference between the two.


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Curly and Italian parsley are both part of the Umbelliferae family, yet they have varying textures, colors, and flavors.


Italian parsley  is also referred to as flat-leaf parsley. Its counterpart, curly parsley, has leaves with ruffles.

Parsley vs. Italian Parsley

Key Difference Between Curly and Italian Parsley:

Look different

Hot dish

Taste and texture

Hot dish

Usage for different recipes

Hot dish

Best for garnish and adding flavor to your dishes with a hint of bitterness and pepperiness.

Using italian parsley

Best for garnishing and adding a pop of bright color to your dish. It has no intense flavor.

Using Curly Parsley 

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