Homemade Italian Ravioli

It's beyond delicious. Kick back and relax with a large plate of fresh and buttery homemade ravioli!


Total Time: 1 hour

Yield: 4-6 servings

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What makes it perfect? The fresh ravioli is filled with buttery, smooth ricotta and a decadent mixture of herbs and spices then tossed in an incredible sauce made from the freshest ingredients.



ricotta cheese



parmesan cheese


FOR THE RAVIOLI DOUGH: – Flour – Eggs – Semolina flour


Make the dough by mixing the dough ingredients in a bowl.

Step 1

Roll the dough manually or using a pasta machine and adjust the thickness to your preference.

Step 2

Remove the liquid from the ricotta using a fine-mesh strainer and let it strain excess liquid for 30 minutes or overnight.

Step 3

Remove the liquid from the spinach and chop it.

Step 4

Combine and mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl and season to your preferred taste.

Step 5

METHOD 1 Using a Ravioli Maker (Recommended for Beginners)

Filling and Cutting Ravioli

Lay down the Ravioli Maker on a flat surface and place the pasta sheet on top of it. Then, place the plastic holder on top of the pasta sheet while gently pressing down.

Step 1

Add the ravioli fillings (1 teaspoon per ravioli) and place the 2nd sheet directly on top of it. Gently use the rolling pin to press down the 2nd sheet and remove edges.

Step 2

Pop-out the sealed ravioli from the ravioli maker by turning it over and gently wiggling it. Then cut them.

Step 3

METHOD 2 Using a Ravioli Stamp Find out more about this method on my website

Filling and Cutting Ravioli

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METHOD 3 Using a Ravioli Wheel Find out more about this method on my website

Filling and Cutting Ravioli

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Homemade Ravioli Tips:

Seal the ravioli well!

Cook the ravioli in batches

Use a pasta machine

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