Simple and Easy Pasta Salad Recipe Formula

 Add a kick of flavor with this creative guide for building your favorite pasta salad.

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Adding some unexpected and fun ingredients to your pasta salad will make it even more delicious and unique. Turn your favorite pasta salad into a beautiful masterpiece with these easy tips.


The Secret Formula

1 pound pasta 6 cups of main ingredients (proteins and veggies)  ½ cup  unique flavors (olives, strong/unique cheeses, spiced salami, onions, etc) 3 tablespoons herbs, 2 tablespoons zest.  1 ½ cups salad dressing

unique flavors


Fresh veggies





Sample Ingredients Part 1

Sample Ingredients Part 2

Prepare the store-bought or homemade dressing. Cook the pasta, strain it and add a portion of dressing. Then let it cool.

Step 1

Choose your preferred vegetables and prepare them.

Step 2

Match your pasta salad with the best protein. Choose from salami, prosciutto, chickpeas, and more! 

Step 3

Don't forget to prepare your cheese and cut them to your desired sizes.

Step 4

Add a unique twist to your pasta salad by adding flavors from herbs, nuts, and salad.

Step 5

Pasta Salad  Tip

Do not rinse pasta with cold water

Add dressing to pasta to marinade before adding fresh ingredients. 

 This antipasto salad is the perfect summer side dish. The fresh veggies are perfectly cooked, the homemade Italian dressing is simple and full of flavor, and the pasta is a breeze to make yourself.

Antipasto Pasta Salad Recipe

 Tossing some tortellini pasta in a bowl with a homemade salad dressing and some fresh veggies is a great way to enjoy an easy vegetarian meal.

Italian Tortellini Pasta Salad Recipe

20 minutes, endless flavor combinations, and a fresh arugula make this Italian Style Pasta Salad a winner. The perfect family meal more than likely will not last long enough to make it through the week.

Italian Style Pasta Salad with Arugula

 You’ll want to make this Greek Style Pasta Salad more than once. It’s packed with flavor and veggies so you can feel good about serving yourself seconds.

Greek Style Pasta Salad

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