Best Salads to Serve with Ravioli

If you're going to serve ravioli, it's important to have the best salads to go with it.

Let's get started!

The perfect side dish to any ravioli dinner is a light, yet filling salad.  Whether you are trying to cut carbs or simply want to add some veggies, these salads are perfect!


Say hello to a new salad that's all about bright colors and flavors. 

Italian Salad with Fennel, Citrus, and Pomegranate

A salad with sharp flavors paired with creamy gorgonzola cheese.

Pear, Gorgonzola and Walnut Salad

A classic Italian salad with salty, sweet and tangy flavors.

Melon, Prosciutto and Arugula Salad

New favorite go-to potato salad recipe. Add some asparagus and it's a new classic!

Healthy Lemon Asparagus and Potato Salad

It's simple, delicious, and showcases one of the best seafood ingredients!

Simple and Easy King Crab Salad

The perfect combination of salty and sweet. Ready in minutes!

Pistachio Salad in Parmigiano Cups

This salad is the perfect blend of sweet, tangy, earthy, salty and tart!

Berry Salad with Goat Cheese  and Honey Citrus Dressing

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