Easter Dessert Recipes

An enticing array of delicious and festive delicacies ideal for celebrating Easter!


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Celebrate Easter in style with our irresistible collection of Easter dessert recipes! From traditional favorites to whimsical creations we have something to satisfy every sweet tooth.


A vibrant and delightful braided brioche bread, perfect for your Easter celebration.

Italian Easter Braided Bread

Featuring a delicate, flaky crust, masterfully melds succulent, juicy rhubarb with a crisp, rich pastry.

Rhubarb Pie with perfect crust

It's airy, subtly sweet, and simply delicious!

traditional Danish Rice Pudding

A timeless, classic recipe – frequently gracing the table during Easter celebrations. 

Easter Italian Ricotta Pie

The sight of abundant shredded coconut evokes memories of charming Easter egg baskets. 

Itlaian Easter Coconut Cake

This delectable dessert features a harmonious blend of creamy rice and ricotta!

Pastiera di Riso - Easter Rice Pie Recipe

Buttery cake crumble, complemented by a silky pistachio-infused pastry cream filling!

Italian Crumb Cake with Pistachio Cream

 A moist cake delicately adorned with raisins and brimming with carrots and potatoes.

Caramel Steamed Carrot Pudding

These sugar cookies strike the perfect balance of softness and sweetness.

Soft Sugar Cookie with frosting

These cookies boast a crisp texture and a lively lemon flavor that's simply irresistible.

 Lemon Biscotti with White Glaze

Delightful sweet treats made with ricotta and saffron. 

the best Ricotta Cakes

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