Easy Holiday Cookies 


Let's get started!

Treat yourself and loved ones to a delicious homemade touch this season!


Perfect for dipping into a warm beverage!

italian Almond Biscotti

These tender delights are a charming Christmas treat.

easy Italian Fig Cookies

These cookies are soft and round,  infused with flavors!

Anginetti - Sprinkle cookies

Featuring three layers of almond-infused cake, layered with sweet jam.

Italian rainbow cookies

Soft, chewy almond-based treats coated in pine nuts!

italian Pine Nut Cookies

Small, tender lemon-infused treats that melt in your mouth!

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

A simple one-bowl delight with soft, cake-like chocolate cookies.

Chocolate Spice Cookies

Simple to prepare and incredibly delightful!

Amaretti Cookies Recipe

These iconic Italian treats are both appealing and simple to prepare!

classic Pizzelle Cookies

This authentic recipe presents spongy, airy, and crunchy cookies!

Homemade Italian Ladyfinger

Unbeatable soft, indulgent, and utterly delightful butter cookies.

Butter Cookies Recipe

Packed with flavor, chewy, wonderfully soft within, and crisp!

Cinnamon Snap Cookies

Offers soft, buttery cookies infused with vanilla & almond flavors.

Heart jam Thumbprint Cookies

Ciao!! I'm Elena

You can find me chilling in the kitchen, enjoying delicious food. I make Italian food that is simple, tasty, and easy to achieve. Visit my website for more Italian recipes!

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