I grew up sharing big family and friend meals at tables all around the world. My dream is to share delicious wholesome recipes that you will share around the table with all your loved ones. The memories surrounded by food are the heart and soul of CucinaByElena.

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Hi! I’m Elena Davis the creator of CucinabyElena

My Story

I was born in Sardegna, Italy- home of my mother’s family. My parents met in Paris, France and that is where I spent the first six years of my life. My biological father, from Reunion, Island, France, and my mother separated when I was four years old. About a year later my mama met my Danish dad. My parents, both genetic research scientists, then moved from Paris to Salt Lake City, Utah where they fell in love with the mountains and stayed ever since! 

Having a deep root connection to my Italian family I spent every summer of my childhood and young adult life on the beaches of Sardegna with my grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other relatives. These are “my people,” the tribe who helped raise and shape me into the woman I am today. In addition to dreaming up recipes I am a mother to my children and a part-time reading specialist at a high school in Salt Lake City, Utah. I enjoy running, hiking, and traveling with my family- including yearly Sardegna trips to visit family. I currently live in Bountiful, Utah with my three beautiful children and loving husband.

Food Love

In Italian culture food is the thread of life. Food is: tradition, family, laughter, joy, memories, and most of all a love language that binds generations. As I fondly remember- a place where groups of grandmothers gathered plotting their next meals, and comparing recipes and methods. I stood over the shoulder’s of family members cooking in the kitchen… and watched, smelled, tasted, felt, and listened- but, rarely, if ever, did I see a recipe. When asking about a recipe my nonna often said, “non lo so? un po di questo e un pizzico di quelo. Ti devo fare vedere.” -I don’t know? A little bit of that and a pinch of this. I’ll just show you. Then she demonstrated with her hands. It’s all in the feeling of the ingredients. That phrase always stuck with me. This is where I developed my passion for cooking, baking, and most of all, sharing food around tables of new acquaintances, old friends, and family. The flavors I bring to the table reflect memories and stories from people and places that bring me the most joy. You will find a little bit of everything. My husband is from Idaho, and you will find many recipes from his side of the family that add to our family food culture. Many recipes are made with one baby on my hip and one crying at my feet. This is life for me. Everything I make is “made with amore”!  Join me as we cook, bake, and create together. 

From my Cucina to your Table.

Made with Amore, Elena.

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