My (not so secret) Love Affair

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Our relationship with Food is one of the longest we experience during our lives.

From the time we are born we rely on food as a form of nutrition to feed our physical bodies and keep us alive. Our relationship with food goes beyond a requirement for survival. It can be a sexy romance, an exhausting overwhelm, a pure necessity, or even an abusive battle. Since we are 100% in control of our relationship with food it is different than any other relationship we attain. We control the variety, amount, frequency, and quality of the relationship. We even tell certain foods we hate them and they aren’t offended! We pick and choose our favorites and none of them care or talk behind our backs. At least I don’t think food does that ;). What is your relationship with food? Is it an essential task? A moment of peace? A love affair? A fight? …

This photo is of me eating one of my favorite simple summer pasta dishes- pasta con salsa fresca. We have it for lunch weekly at the beach house. The sauce takes minutes to prepare and we let it sit and marinade while we are at the beach then toss it with hot pasta when we come home. I am laughing while I eat. I love it. I love the pasta and I love this moment. This describes the many moments at our family table in Italy- years and years on repeat. We eat. We discuss. We share. We yell (it’s the Italian way of “talking” when passionate- it took my husband years to understand this). We eat. We laugh. We love. That’s it. Mangia. Mangia. Life is short and we only have so much we can eat every day. Make it worth your time ️.



Elena eating from a bowl while smiling.

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