Sunday Story: One Thought Starts The Future

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Happy New Year CBE family. This Sunday Story is a snip bit about how my food and recipes website (cucinabyelena) started. I am grateful for all of you in this space. Thank you for joining me on this journey of recipes, traditions, stories, and sharing love though cooking and baking.

Summer 2020- Loneliness During the Covid-19 Pandemic

It was summer 2020 and we weren’t going anywhere. Italy, family, home, comfort, tradition, my restart… forget about it- not this year. I was born in Sardegna, Italy. After immigrating to the United States with my parents when I was six years old we still went back to Italy to live with my extended family every summer. My carrier as a Reading Specialist allowed me to enjoy summers in Italy even as an adult.

My heart felt heavy. I couldn’t move. I needed to show up and support my children when all I wanted to do was hide and cry, alone. Like many people all over the world I faced the pandemic with my own challenges.My problem felt so small compared to many, but I couldn’t help the heartbreak of not returning home.

Out of the Darkness There Will Always Shine Light

️Out of the darkness came a burning desire to turn my sadness into light. For over a decade I brought people together through food with family recipes no matter where we lived in the United States. I watch my mother do this after we immigrated here. She took her love & longing for her home country and manifested it by pouring love into cooking for others.

Turning a Thought into Reality

️During the heart of the pandemic we couldn’t even share meals with friends and family crowded and laughing around the table. What could I do to fill this void?That’s when I remembered an idea I harbored in the back of my mind for over a decade- creating a recipes and stories website.

Fearful Thoughts Come in the Midst of Goodness

️Then, the fearful thoughts came- who will care about your stories and recipes? The world doesn’t need another food blogger! Their are people already doing this way better than you- don’t even try!

Breaking the Mirror of Negativity

️A small voice whispered- “If you look in the mirror and feel like your aren’t enough, let me break your mirror. Listen to the better voice. The one that tells the truth and loves you for you”. Then I started. One day at a time… and kept going, and since that day I haven’t stopped.

One Thought Changed Everything

️One thought, turned into action, fueled by dedication and persistence changed my world and moved to touch the lives of more people than I ever imagined. Is it hard? 100%. Is it worth it? 200%. I suppose we never know unless we try…

️Thank you. Each and every one of you for being here and trusting me. Thousands of you view my website and make my recipes in your kitchens across the world. This means more to me than you know! I hope to bring more delicious recipes to your tables in 2022 and beyond…

From my Cucina (kitchen) to yours- Mangia! (Eat!).

Written with Amore, Elena

What’s an idea you have and want to try? Tell us in the comments.

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