Sunday Story: Goodnight Kiss (motherhood love)

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Goodnight Kiss is a short story about the love a mother has for her children. The moment described in this story relates to anyone who has ever loved another person including a beloved pet. This post is about my daughter, Amelie. At the bottom of the post you will find Amelie’s favorite recipes (you might not be surprised to see she is a pie lover and pastaholic)! Enjoy this story and the recipes! Have a beautiful week.

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Every night she came and rubbed my head and gave me a bacio (kiss) on my cheek. She thought I was asleep, and sometimes I was. Other times, I wondered why she even came when she knew I wouldn’t know. I could feel her loving gaze even with my eyes closed. She gave a sigh, hugged me tight, and gently closed the door. Maybe she wanted to comfort me?

All these years later I realized it wasn’t about me. She needed that moment, as a mother, for herself. A moment in the day to reflect and purge the guilt, love, adoration, hardship, inadequacy, and tender mercy that come with motherhood. A love that’s felt beyond what the eye can see. A love that lives in the darkness of the night as well as the sunshine of the day.

The other night I found myself doing the same with my little girl. I shed tears as I sat in the dark on the edge of her bed listening to her breathe. I let go of my guilt for what I did wrong that day as a mother. I looked at my growing child and gave my entire heart to her soul through a soft gaze. I let out a sigh, hugged her tight, and gently closed the door. She will never know how much she comforts me.

The next morning, for the first time, my daughter said, “you went to bed late. It was late when you came to my room.” “You heard me?” I asked puzzled. “I usually do. I love you.”, she smiled and wrapped her arms around me. A love that shines in the brightness of the day as well as the darkness of the night.
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Written with Amore, Elena ❤️

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