Sunday Story: American Roads Lead Home

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American Roads

My story of gratitude for living in the United States of America. The sacrifice that immigrants, such as my parents and I, made to gain the freedoms and opportunities that come from living in America. We are torn between two countries and grateful all the same. I hope you enjoy this piece of our immigrant experience. Recipes for your week are linked at the bottom of the post.

️First Impressions of America

When we first arrived to the United States of America my parents couldn’t stop talking about the wide open roads. They are so wide you can fit four lanes, but there are only two! Look at these freeways- they are never ending! Oh my- you can do a complete u-turn without cutting off multiple lanes! It seemed impressive and grandiose. One by one these roads paved the way to our American future.

What is America?

️ A few months later my nonni arrived to visit us in Salt Lake City, Utah. My nonno said the same thing as soon we started driving. Can you believe these roads? I’ve never seen anything like this! Think of all the places you can go. This IS America.

Torn Between to Countries

️There came a day when we got used to it, and you weren’t sure if that getting-used-to-things was good or that meant you were forgetting and letting go another piece of you. The difference between familiarity and habituation is a constant battle.

Drive my Dreams

The roads only grew wider in this vast country and the reasons for staying outweighed the reasons for goingback to Europe. My parents sacrificed more than I will ever know to create this life for me. Now, I do the same as I carry the torch with my children. My heart torn between two places. My determination and desire steadfast as I continue to drive my dreams.

America, a Blessed Land

️To this day, when I come back from long trips to Italy I get in our car and the first thing I notice are the roads. The vast, new, wide, endless roads. The roads that take me from one home to another. The roads of opportunity that remind me why I’ve built my life here. The blessed roads of the United States of America that give my family the freedom to drive into a future filled with opportunity. When my heart aches for Italy I grab the steering wheel a little tighter and hold tight knowing I am where I need to be… for now.

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Written with Amore, Elena 

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