Pasta Carbonara Recipe- World Carbonara Day!

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April 6 is officially CARBONARA DAY!

The day the world celebrates “Carbonara Day”, an occasion launched by the Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries (AIDEPI) and the International Pasta Organization (IPO), to celebrate the dish made famous in Italy. The celebration first started in 2017. Make carbonara for someone you CARE about today or this week! Spread the love and care by making this simple, filling, and delicious meal. Nothing spells CARE and LOVE like a scrumptious plate of pasta. See bottom of post for MY RECIPE LINK !!

carbonara on a plate with wooden board
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The Origins of Carbonara. There are a number of hypotheses about the origins of carbonara.

The most probably but least verifiable is that the dish came out of the gastronomic traditions of Apennine charcoal makers (carbonari in Rome dialect) who would prepare themselves a filling meal using readily availble and easy to preserve ingredients.

Lidia Bastianch says, the dish originally comes from the Apennine hills of central Italy near Rome and was a shepherd’s favorite. As they meandered in the pastures with their flocks, they carried bacon, made cheese as they went, and only used eggs if they were lucky enough to have some.

carbonara on a plate with wooden board

Carbonara is so simple to make and requires few ingredients

The only ingredients you need:

  • Good quality eggs
  • Bacon/ pancetta/ guanciale (use what you can find and what you like)
  • salt/pepper
  • Garlic (totally optional!)
  • If you don’t eat meat you can sauté mushrooms or asparagus in olive oil to replace the meat
carbonara on a plate with wooden board


I want to offer the message of making carbonara today or this week for someone you CARE about. In a time when we don’t see loved ones as regularly as we would like let’s make a meal and drop it off a meal at their doorstep? Even if you make this for you family and friends that you see, that is spreading CARE and KINDNESS in a world that needs it. Food is a natural conversation starter and naturally brings people together. Why not use this easy meal, CARBONARA, to bring people together and let them know you CARE.

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Make My Carbonara Recipe and Share with Love! Lots of tips and tricks on the recipe to get it just right!

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  1. Made your carbonara recently! We loved it! Best homemade recipe of carbonara I’ve ever made or tasted! Thank you for sharing your recipes! ❤️