Dancing in the Piazza Di Pula

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pi·az·za noun 1. a public square or marketplace, especially in an Italian town.

The piazza in this photo is a special place to my childhood that my children now experience in a similar way as I did at their age. This is the central piazza in the city of Pula near our summer beach home.When my cousins and I were little we begged our parents to go to Pula and see children shows or dance performances in this quaint piazza.

Here is a little sneak peek- behind the scenes- of the piazza di Pula …

A Gelateria … children jumping for joy with eyes glowing as they stare at the mounds of gelato. Their sticky hands all over the glass cover as the point to every flavor before settling on a favorite flavor, or two, or if they get lucky three.

A Pizzeria … a table with a large extended famiglia of fourteen gather to celebrate a warm summer evening. Their laughter bounces like a rubber ball from person to person as they share familiar stories.

A jewelry store specializing in handcrafted Sardinian jewelry … a young woman squeezes her lovers hand as she holds her gaze on a particular piece she’s hoped to acquire. Will he understand her desire without any words to explain?

A street musician... sings and plays a classic Italian song. Amid the bustling crowds an elderly couple finds their moment alone. Experience only each other, with a song only they understand, they dance like no one is watching.

This time of year this little piazza is already deserted as it really only comes to life in the busy beach day summer months.I wonder if the piazza gets lonely? Does it miss all the small and elderly feet stomping on its’ cracks? Perhaps, it likes the quiet shuffle of the familiar local folks.
Who knows? I just know I surely miss IT…

Written with Amore,