Sunday Story: Culture Within our Food (Italian Tiramisu Recipe)

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Sunday Story: Culture within our Food (Italian Tiramisu Recipe)

Food is truly the essence of who we are and who we have become…

woman holding platters of tiramisu in
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When I started CucinaByElena I knew I would share more than recipes. I worried it wouldn’t be “neat” enough for the cookie cutter cluttered food blogging world to share stories woven with food recipes. I moved forward and stayed true to myself.

I couldn’t pretend or deny the unifying, spiritual, essential, life saving (at times) role that food played in my life ever since my earliest memories. I grew up sharing big family and friend meals at tables all around the world. The memories surrounded by food is the purpose that drives my creativity in this space.

Food and culture- an eternal marriage that attains no beginning or end. A connection that moves in a fluid circle evolving and changing as people do. A little change to a recipe to bring the past into the future.

Food and recipes transport me to Italy when I can’t run there. It brings me in the kitchen making tiramisù with my sister cousin Chiara (pictured) when I haven’t seen in her in 2 years. This recipe exemplifies the marriage of Italian culture, food, human connection, and the sole purpose of defining food as a soulful experience.

However you define “your” culture However your food memories weave into your life I want to know! Share with us in comments…

Italian Tiramisu in a glass plate so you can see the layers. Biscotti cookies in the background

Written with Amore,
Elena ❤️

Tiramisu- A Classic Italian Dessert

Tiramisù means- “pick me up” in Italian. It is traditionally made with espresso and most certainly does give you a little ‘pick me up’ if you need it! I make mine with regular coffee to lessen the caffeine since my children love it so much. A normal consumption of this recipe won’t have you wired as the coffee amount remains minimal. Tiramisu is a classic flavored Italian dessert. It is made of ladyfingers (savoiardi) dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavored with a dusting of cocoa. There is also a chocolate version of this recipe if you want to avoid the coffee. This is my sweet cousin Chiara’s Tiramisu recipe and it is the absolute best! The simple creaminess, aromatic coffee, and soft lady fingers make for a perfect breakfast, snack, or dessert!

Traditional Italian Tiramisù Recipe

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  1. I would love to have an Italian recipe of the tiramisu. It’s one of my most favorite desserts. I’ve lived in many countries, and every time I find a place that makes fresh tiramisu; I celebrate.