Authentic Italian Bread Recipe (Elena’s Story)

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The Common Bread that Tells a Story

Bread is EARTH. In every corner of the world across all cultures there is a variety of bread that represents a sense of tradition and community. As individuals make these breads in their own homes the familiar recipes become even more personalized.

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Bread is LIFE. A simple recipe of few ingredients, often only- flour and water- create various shapes, textures, and meaning. There are hundreds of varieties each particular and specific to different regions across the world.

Bread is a meal to many and paired with humble ingredients such as butter, the best Italian dipping oil recipe, milk, cheese, wine, and water. Bread is nourishing and healing, not only in the making process but also through tasting and savoring.

The 2020 pandemic brought thousands throughout the globe into the kitchen starting the ancient tradition of creating, kneading, rising, and baking bread. Hands touched and created. Eyes watched and learned. Mouths tasted and tested. People waited with patience for their labor to come to fruition.

Confidence, determination, satisfaction, unity, creativity, and love flourished through the cross-cultural connections made through this common process. The bread that ties us together.

I see you. I hear you. I feel you. The beauty and delight of all the comforting COMMON BREAD you create and share. Thousands of people have dough rising, starters sitting, and dough baking as we sit here. It is magic.

Share your thoughts with me about what bread means to you. What memories do you have surrounding bread?

If you’ve never made bread, or perhaps need a new and nutritious recipe. Check out my recipe for step-by-step directions and a few secrets to make it extra nutritious.

bread- recipe

Recipe —> Softest No Knead Bread

Softest No Knead Bread

The easiest, best, and most delicious No Knead Bread recipe! My mamma makes this bread every week. She usually makes two baguette loaves for Sunday dinner.

We walk into my parent’s home and the smell of homemade bread fills the air- instantly making our mouths water and feet run towards the kitchen.

Between the adults and the grandchildren, the loaves are gobbled up in the same evening. This bread is also delicious with butter and jam for breakfast, as sandwich bread, or even a plain slice on the go!

Who can resist the smell and taste of hot, chewy, tender bread with a perfectly crunchy crust? Not me!

It’s the easiest recipe and packed with extra nutrition– just what you would expect from a mother’s bread. This will easily become your go-to bread recipe that your entire family will love. There are A LOT of bread recipes out there.

After the 2020 lockdown, it seems that everyone decided to turn their homes into bakeries! This is a tried and true recipe that our family has made for decades. You can trust it and I promise you will love it.

Made with Amore, Elena ️

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