Saturday Story- Doors of Life

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The Doors that Bring you Home
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DOORS- old, new, pretty, blue, worn, wooden, painted, basic- DOORS.

I’m fascinated by doors. Everywhere I go I snap a photo of a door that pulls at my heart. When I see an old door I wonder what stories it could tell about the people that it’s seen throughout generations of time. Families coming and going, little children growing, elderly folks, moody teens, and new tiny toes all making their way in and out of these different doors.I lived in 18 “doors” I called home throughout my life. All spread across the world from Europe to the United States. Each a memory of a time and place near and dear to me. A place to call home and make warm with a pot of boiling pasta water on the stove. I walked in and out of these doors and left a little piece of me there. A treasured part of my past I take with me as I meet my next door.I experience hundreds of “doors” shutting and opening in my life when I least expected. Anticipating a certain outcome on the other side of a door only to find that door locked. I grieved and banged at locked doors not understanding why they didn’t open for me. I rejoiced when others opened at the precise time I needed.

The more I live the more I see doors in a different way. I approach them slightly calmer, trusting there is a reason for whom they let in at that specific time.Last June, I opened a new door. I opened it wide with a big heart to share my passion and love for stories, food and recipes. That space is now filled with- all of YOU- this amazing and growing community. I genuinely love my connections here and I anticipate the future with excitement.

Life is filled with DOORS- old, new, pretty, blue, worn, wooden, painted, basic- DOORS. Really, they are just opportunities. A chance to experience a new path in life.

What is on the other side we often do not know…, but that is life, unexpected and exciting, terrifying and joy filled …⭐️What door do you desire to open?

Written with Amore,


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