Saturday Story-One Million Gelato Memories

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Saturday Story-One Million Gelato Memories– a story that describes the magic surrounding eating gelato in Italy.

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I scream you scream we all scream for… you know the rest.

A summer favorite and all-year treat that creates a sense of companionship wherever you meet to eat. In Italy the number of gelateria’s is overwhelming to the point of asking, how can they ALL survive?! They do. Here is how I know.

Each day and all the way into the late hours of the night Italians go out for gelato. The special part- each of them has their own special place.

Across from the elementary school, you see a little girl with brown curls bouncing walking and holding her nonno’s hand getting their afternoon treat. She gets lemone and fragola. He watches and adores her.

Across the street is a sweet teenage couple swaying and kissing to their nostalgic gelateria. They share pistachio and chocolato in a cone.

Uptown an elderly gentleman dressed in a navy cardigan and pressed khaki slacks walks to the oldest gelateria to meet his group of gentleman friends. He doesn’t even order they hand him a cup of nocciola.

Downtown a group of tourists, who researched the best place in town, wait in line for their unique experience. They get the daily special. Three best friends squeal and gossip holding dripping ice cream that came from a gelateria in an alley off the beaten path.

They each pick their childhood faves- stracciatella, pan di stelle, pesca. A family of three goes to celebrate an occasion at the sit-down shop on the top of the city with the best view in town. The little girl orders an affogato al a gianduia- her regular.

Do you see? Everyone has their place. That’s the story of why all the gelateria’s in Italy make it. They are all special to someONE. At every age and every stage ice cream, gelato, creates a million memories. These are some of mine.

What are your ice cream memories? What are your favorite flavors? Everyone has one. I want to hear yours…

Love, Elena

Enjoy Authentic Pistachio Gelato Recipe


Italian pistachio gelato in ice cream cones

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  1. My dear Elena I am thankful for you and your recipes. I am of Italian descend and have long been searching for real from the old country recipes. You my friend are a keeper😀