Maria’s Story: Secret to Life

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A little message before I share with you a Maria’s Secret to Life Story.

Hello my dear Cucina community! If you are new here, WELCOME!

If you would like to learn more about me read here. While visiting Italy I spend time soaking up my beloved people, culture, language, scenery, and authentic dishes!

With all my inspirations I will fill your tummies with delicious, achievable, and wholesome Italian inspired recipes (& more) and fill your souls with memorable, relatable stories from my heart.

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NOW, … please read and enjoy this story from a dear memory of walking the streets of Carloforte, Sardegna and meeting Maria…

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Maria’s Story. Stepping back in time…

This photo takes us back hundreds of years in Italian culture.

The slow and simple life that connects generations with rich ties to community and fosters lasting human relationships. The bare bones of joyful minimalist living…

Maria’s Story. La dolce vita. The sweet life.

I meet Maria walking the streets of Carloforte, Sardegna this summer. She stood at her doorstep passionately chatting with her neighborhood women friends “donne del quartiere”. One sat on a chair knitting and the the other comfortably leaning on the banister. An appointment they’ve kept for many years.

They agree to disagree, laugh, cry, gossip, pass time, share memories, and keep their brains alive and burning with the sentiment of human connection.

Maria may live alone as a widow, but her days are filled with people and connections she makes by talking with her friends and also complete strangers, like me, everyday.

La dolce vita. Life is sweet in the simple, uncluttered moments we share with one another.

Maria’s Story. La vita è bella. Life is beautiful.

Maria told me to move to Carloforte! She said it’s the best place on earth! She’s a proud “Carlofortina” as many Italian’s are of their home city. Her pride and love for her community left an dramatic imprint on my heart.

She stamped my mind with a memory I’ll never forget. Sitting on century old front steps with her tribe is one secret to a long and healthy life more of us need.

Strip away all the other variables and bask in the sense of belonging, acceptance, and love that resonates from moments like this. La vita è bella.

Life is beautiful in the moments that bring us together.Il segreto di Maria. Maria’s secret…I asked Maria her secret to a long and happy life. She said, “money is essential, but it’s not everything.

People forget the purpose of existence. It IS living NOT doing.” What is your idea of living vs doing? Grazie Maria. Grazie di questo momento. Me lo ricorderò sempre. Thank you Maria. Thank you for this moment. I will remember it forever.

Maria Story

Maria’s Story

What do you think of Maria’s Story? Is this way of thinking a lost art in our world today? Is the hope of connecting on intimate levels with other people a thing of the past?
SHARE your thoughts with us in comments.

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  1. So beautiful! ❤️ Thank you for sharing this story! I just stumbled onto your blog and can’t wait to read more and try some recipes!