Sunday Story: What’s in the Recipe?

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Sunday Story: What’s the Recipe? A lot more than you would think…

Watching recipes come to life…

️I watched my mamma and nonna make ragù, sugo, stuffed peppers, minestrone, polpette, zucchini ripiene, and crostata hundreds of times. I studied their hands as they prepared, diced, and chopped with eyes practically closed. The art of their muscle memory creating meals to feed generations and nourish souls. The heart of homestyle cooking lead by intuition, sense, and habit.

(recipes linked at bottom)

Learning more than the just recipe …

️I remember the point in my life when I cared more about recreating the recipe than merely watching. Nonna’s famous words, “quanto basta” or, “just the right amount”. Really, Nonna, how much?? She laughed. Through watching, feeling, tasting, trying, and experimenting I learned more than any written recipe could teach. I still wish she wrote her recipes and I treasure the ones I wrote for her. I yearn for passing on history through food.

Why I create recipes …

️It’s a yearning that drives my creativity and passion here. I stay up in the dark and get up in the dawn to write recipes from my cucina to bring them to your table for you and yours!

Every recipe a story…

️Recipe notebooks, logs, scribbles, and notes evolve like people. They describe the evolution of cultures mixing as people relocate in the world. A progression of cooking style, moods, relationships, locations, and connections.

️What’s the recipe? I provide you with MANY. The way you cook and bake the recipes in your home, in your way, makes them yours too! So much LOVE to ALL of YOU!! 

How did you learn how to cook and bake? What are your earliest kitchen memories? How has your cooking changed? Share with us in the comments.

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Written with Amore, Elena

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Delicious Recipes inspired by my mamma and nonna

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Italian Stuffed Zucchini (Twice Baked Zucchini)

Authentic Italian Pesto Genovese (Basil pesto)

Sugo al Pomodoro (Classic Italian Tomato Sauce)

Classic Italian Minestrone Soup

Italian Lasagna Bolognese (Lasagne alla Bolognese)

Polpette Con Sugo (Italian meatballs in tomato sauce) di Nonna Laura

Dessert Recipes

Italian Crostata Recipe (Jam filled Tart)

Easy Almond Sponge Cake with Italian Cream

Italian Crumble Cake with Jam Filling

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