Sunday Story: Destination Drive (Enjoy Journey)

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The Drive…

️My husband loves to drive. In our early dating days he loved to take drives, go on road trips, hit the road, just cruise, you know? It’s always been a place for him to feel the journey and ENJOY the time to the final destination. That’s his personality, chill enough to savor the moment while patiently waiting for point B. As the car moves and he sits in the STILLNESS, his mind is satisfied. He knows we will get there eventually… so what’s the rush?

Enjoy the Journey or Rush to the Finish Line?

Ha!! I wish I was more like him in that way! I’ve always dreaded car rides. I was the kid, and am the adult, that says, “we there yet?!” It’s a curse. I crave the destination. The goal. The place. I want to sprint, move, dance, skip, anything… to get THERE. Staying in the stillness, waiting, waiting, not so much…

Drive to unexpected destinations…

I’ve learned patience through difficult life lessons that halted me in my tracks to reach a dead stop. Lessons that made me hit my knees in PRAYER in unexpected and heart wrenching ways. Moments that make you slow in ways that make car rides seem like light speed, you know?️ Believe it or not, creating my blog, Instagram account, developing/writing recipes and stories, creating content, and showing up HERE gives me the grace to mindfully enjoy the journey MORE. Give more. Remember more. The JOY of it all makes me hit the gas pedal full force and know it’s a ride worth taking.

Strive. Drive. Love. Share. Passing on the stories to ALL OF YOU. I carry my past with me as I drive into my future. The destination changes as I reach one point and pick up to go to the next. After all, reaching one destinations ultimately leads to, yet, another…

▶️▶️ What about you? Do you enjoy the drive/journey, or are you in a hurry to get to the FINAL destination?


Written with Amore, Elena

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Dad and daughter driving. Go on a drive and enjoy the journey
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My husband and youngest daughter, Claire, going for a little drive on our street.

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