Sunday Story: La Cucina (The Kitchen)

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Read this story to find the meaning behind the name “CucinaByELena” …

In case you missed the announcement last week: Announcement: Welcome to Cucina By Elena!

The magic of La Cucina

In every home, studio apartment, condo, or townhouse (no matter the size)“la cucina”, the kitchen, has ALWAYS been THE TOP gathering place! It’s where we turn our “magic on”. We dance, laugh, talk, sit, stand, and create memories that last a lifetime.

La cucina a place for memories …

In our home la cucina is the gathering place for creating delicious food, passing on traditions, and making new memories. From a young age my Italian family instilled in me that food is merely a vehicle to bring people together. Every ingredient, recipe, meal, and gathering is a story waiting to unfold.

Too many cooks in the cucina!

With the lovely image of a large family laughing and dancing in the kitchen, I also hear the voices of my nonna and mamma saying,“Fuori della cucina” (get out of the kitchen!). Yes, sometimes it was just too many cooks in the kitchen. It’s something that can’t be helped. We all want “in” on the excitement of the kitchen space. Curiosity is part of human nature after all, right?

Every cucina tells a story

Every cucina tells a unique story. The walls keep secrets that only that family knows. The kitchen welcomes all and also few. The most intimate times often occur when the immediate members of the home gathered around the kitchen island or lean against the counter and recounting stories about the day. If only kitchen walls could talk!

A reason to stay in the cucina…

Some are drawn to the kitchen to create, others are there as taste testers, teasers, secret bite stealers, conversation dealers, and more! A certain magic occurs in the kitchen that is keen for creating special moments. That includes pulling up a barstool with tears of joy or pain and talking until midnight. I love keeping fruit in big bowls and something sweet/savory in our cake plate to provide a reason to “stay a while”.

How I landed on the name CucinaByElena …

I thought long and hard about my new brand name. I’m in love with the magic that occurs in every cucina! CucinabyElena is a peek inside my cucina and the way I cook and feed my family. It is a space I want to create for YOU to come and listen to stories and make approachable meals for YOUR family. Let’s turn the “magic on” and come back to la cucina TOGETHER.

➡️➡️ What are some of your fondest kitchen memories?? Share in the comments.

Written with Amore, Elena

From My Cucina to Your Table.

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