Mother’s Day is always a flood of emotions for me. This is a tough post to write and my eyes are filled with tears. With that said, I’m writing this for the one person that needs this today. A piece of my story dealing with infertility as part of my motherhood journey …

Motherhood = Time

I spent 10 years, hundreds of needle pokes, three surgeries, became my own health advocate, countless doctors visits, traveled out of state, cried puddles of tears, experienced miscarriages, and attended many visits to the temple in earnest prayer, and sometimes utter confusion, in effort to get my three miracle children here on Earth.

Motherhood = Gratitude

The word “gratitude” for my calling as a mother is merely the spark of a giant fire. I could write a book on the miracles that occurred along the way to make motherhood a reality for me.On this day, and other days, I feel guilty that some families go through this same grueling process with the desired outcome they dreamed. I see you…

Motherhood = Loneliness

The infertility journey feels lonely, confusing, shameful, and mostly… unexplainable. Many ask, “why put yourself through that? Thousands of children need adoption… you already have one, two children…isn’t that enough?”. The journey is SO personal and private. It’s hard to even understand and come up with answers to such questions. Sometimes a hug and understanding is all that person needs.

Motherhood = Faith

The fire of faith that kept me going through this trial lights my way today as I navigate motherhood. Fire fuels to keep us warm and it also burns to destroy. Life trials feel like both. The more we use the fire to fuel the more calm and warm the journey…

I realize this is not your typical Mother’s Day post. If you’ve followed my Sunday Stories for a while I’ve written countless stories about my mamma, nonna, and other influential women. 

For the One…

This post is for the ONE. I see you. Today might be hard and that’s okay. Keep going, sister, there are angles in heaven waiting for you as their mother in whatever way that might transform…

PLEASE SHARE this with a friend who needs this. It makes the journey so much less lonely to have a friend. Email me if you need someone to talk to during this journey.

Written with Amore,


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